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I am Shawn Campbell, owner of

BlueWing Bookkeeping

I have always said “I am a numbers girl.”  I excelled in math as a kid and my dad was constantly throwing math problems and word riddles my way.  He even set up our first

computer, a Northstar Advantage (am I dating myself?), so that I had to answer math questions before I could play computer games. Clearly it was in my blood to love numbers.  I took an accounting class in high school and loved it! My education and career have been filled with many various aspects of accounting, bookkeeping, number crunching and analysis.

After several years of operating my own retail business, I was reminded how much I love accounting. It was an easy decision to switch my focus to providing bookkeeping services for others. My passion for getting the numbers right drives me to pursue the best resources and provide quality service.

When I’m not working, I’m raising my two awesome kids with my husband.

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